Why Wedding DJ Services Pricing is less than DIY Weddings
There’s this hidden truth that DJ services’ pricing ends up being less cost than a DIY DJ’d wedding and here’s why:

You want every part of your wedding experience to be the best for you and your guests. Volunteer DJ’s of family and friends may try to do a good job – but what if something goes wrong? The costs of having to fix equipment or buy additional equipment cancels out what you thought you were going to save doing it yourself.

Time to prepare the wedding music playlist:

It requires a great deal of time for someone to source out and download wedding music digitally. Most times its done last minute and downloading the minimal amount of music needed.

Cost of music:

To develop an extensive enough wedding music playlist of wedding songs, your volunteer would have to develop a music library that has at least 150 songs in it. . It is important to note that whoever is downloading music, must pay for the music they are downloading to be in compliance with the law. If you had to pay for those songs – you are now running into the same type of expense as having a professional wedding DJ service who has an extensive licensed music library.

Cost of music equipment rental:

Your wedding music volunteers probably don’t know what type of equipment your wedding hall requires to ensure the sound quality is great. Your volunteers most likely will rent equipment that is not big enough to handle the facility your wedding is in

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. Your volunteers may not have equipment back up when/if the rental equipment breaks down and volunteer DJ’s never ever have enough electrical cords for their needs and always end up paying dearly for electrical cords picked up last minute at retail stores.

Knowledge of sound equipment:

Working a sound system is a skill-set of learned professionals who have been trained in the art and science of sound mixing. Your volunteer DJ’s won’t have that expertise and that can negatively impact your wedding guests’ experience.

A guest would have to be at the equipment all night:

You are relying on a volunteer to download music, to pick up equipment, to put playlists together, put the sound system together and stay and man the wedding music system all night. That is a lot to ask of volunteers. You most likely will feel bad about those people donating their time and compensate then with purchased gifts, cash or free alcohol all night. All these services could have been offered by a professional Wedding DJ Service at a similar or less cost.

Experience and knowledge of music placement:

There is a lot to be said for having the BEST Wedding Music Playlist for your wedding songs and knowing how to transition from one song to the next. Most importantly, the skill of reading the crowd and understanding what music will keep them on the dance floor is critical to a successful wedding experience.

Liability Insurance:

If your wedding volunteer accidentally dropped the sound system or hurt himself or someone else on the dance floor as a result you would be financially responsible for these costs. A professional licensed DJ Service will have property and liability insurance that protects you and your guests from any unforeseen risks.

You never want to have your wedding guests comment that you had a lovely wedding but your wedding dance music and playlist was awful – investing in a professional Wedding DJ Service will easily eliminate all these problems, extra hidden costs and unforeseen disasters from happening at your wedding.

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