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At Entertainment Solutions we pride ourselves on the quality and creativity of our work when designing and setting up for your event. We specialize in custom event lighting and special effects for all occasions such as weddings, corporate events and productions. Whether our clients prefer a sophisticated, elegant or whimsical atmosphere, they rave about our work and return to us for event after event. Our exceptional reputation is derived from our dedication to your event, our attention to fine detail and our desire to always provide more than promised. Our goal is to provide professional and creative lighting solutions for you, your guests and clients.

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Lighting is one of the elements, along with scent, temperature and touch, that subliminally influences the atmosphere of your event. We merge the latest technology with your vision and style with our creativity to suit the look and feel you want to create at your next event. As well as being highly versatile, lighting is one of the most cost effective ways of making your event exceptional. You can choose how you want to transform your room or event venue, with LED up lighting change the color of the room, change the color of the walls, or simply highlight your sweetheart or buffet table.

With special attention to detail, Entertainment Solutions has been transforming tents, ballrooms, even gymnasiums into magically lit settings catering to our customers’ specific needs. From LED lighting to high-tech intelligent lighting, we can tailor our lighting to accommodate nearly any venue in any location. We are experts in all aspects of your event, and we go the extra mile to hide all electrical wiring to make your event look great! Add elegant and eye-pleasing up lighting to your wedding room or event. Up-Lighting is shown up walls, columns or spotted onto a specific area will bring a beautiful and stimulating feel to your event room area, making it AMAZING! We can even place them outside the entrance of the facility, shine them up trees, into bushes and/or shrubbery, just about anywhere we need to spice up and add some color to create that amazing look you will remember forever. Up lighting can be placed on the floor to shine up columns, up walls or behind trees and other props to give that extra appeal. When it’s your big day be it your wedding, a fund-raising gala, or a corporate celebration Entertainment Solutions has the ideal lighting solutions to fit your needs. We can help you to create the perfect ambiance for your festivities and make an impact on your guests that will leave them talking about your event long after it has ended. At Entertainment Solutions, we put our clients first and provide the very best in quality and design

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. Let us light your next event.

Special Effects

Imagine walking onto the dance floor ready for your first dance and all of a sudden your first song starts and you are dancing on a cloud. Effects like this will have your guests speaking about your wedding for years to come. This Effect can also be used for Halloween parties and stage productions. Bring winter indoors with our winter wonderland. Have a little snowfall as your guests enter the room, use for your first dance and combine it with the dancing on a cloud to give a bigger effect. we could also add a pinch of color with lighting to create a colored effect to the fog. When it comes to special effects the possibilities are endless. We have the Solutions to make your vision happen.


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