How Lighting Effects can enhance your wedding, conference or event. I call it lighting decor, some call it up-lighting but the term up-lighting is to shoot white or colored lighting up a wall

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. For us lighting is more than just throwing a few lights around the room and calling it done. We strategically place lights around the room to enhance columns, walls, accents walls, tables or just about anywhere you want to draw attention to. Even our equipment has lighting integrated with it to make it blend a little more with the couples wedding colors.

Lighting can completely transform a venue from looking great to an amazing atmosphere keeping it classy and elegant. When the wedding couple walks to the dance floor for their first song all we have to do is press a button and the couple are now spotlighted, pair this with our Dancing on a cloud effect and experience your first dance like in a fairytale.When dance time begins our lighting now becomes part of the party, changing colors to the beat of the music and fun patterns enhancing your guests experience.

Weddings have become more of a production, pre-planning everything from special songs, lighting cues, sound cues and special effects. Most people don’t realize how much time is put into every event. Typically a setup can take from 2 hours to 5 hours, that’s not including some programming of custom lighting scenes from one of our lighting Technicians.

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